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May 2021

ANATJARI website design is completed and the website is launched.

The plan for the short-term is to maintain the ANATJARI shop on Etsy in parallel with the new ANATJARI website.

There will however be a gradual, but definite, shift in emphasis away from the Etsy shop as the primary sales platform for the brand, in favour instead of the ANATJARI website which I believe better represents the founding values and aspirations of the brand.

I hope you can share that long and sometimes daunting journey with me and become part of the future of ANATJARI

".....Buy clothes that tell a real story...."

It is an exciting time for ANATJARI and I hope that both new and loyal Customers alike, enjoy the website and the garment collections which will include new designs and old favourites.

April 2021


I have been made aware that there are fraudulent websites that are pretending to sell Anatjari designs.

Other reputable designers of handmade garments are also affected by these websites.


 “....If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t....

The only place to legitimately buy Anatjari clothing is currently here or at my Etsy shop. It upsets me to think of my Customers or potential Customers being defrauded of their hard-earned money by such websites and the organizations behind them.

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