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Welcome, I’m happy you’re here.


My name is Ulee and I’m the hands and mind behind ANATJARI. My aim is to offer you sustainable handmade clothing, that I mindfully and lovingly create with our planet as well as our fellow people and animal friends in mind. 


I hope to present you with durable, creative and timeless designs, which will make each of you feel beautiful, confident and as special as you naturally are.


When I created the ANATJARI brand in 2015 two things were important to me: Ethics and Sustainability. 


The fashion industry is oftentimes very harmful to the environment and unfair and exploitative towards its workers. 


It was at the same time that I learned in more detail about the slow fashion movement. I immediately knew that this is the way I wanted to move forward with my clothing line.


Sustainable fashion, ethical clothing, slow fashion, fair fashion... But what do all these words actually mean....?


For me they mean:


  • That I only use fabrics that are made from natural fibers such as certified organic hemp, bamboo and cotton fabrics. They require much less water and no chemical pesticides or fertilisers. All of those fabrics are biodegradable and eventually the fabric can be recycled back into nature.


  • I obtain all the fabrics that I’m working with from only two different places and I order in greater quantities so to reduce ANATJARI's environmental transport footprint to as low as reasonably practicable.


  • All fabrics and garments are hand dyed by myself using Procion MX low-impact dyes and only very little tap water. In fact, whenever possible and the seasons allow, I use rain water out of a deep stone cistern that we have on our land.


  • ANATJARI is solely run by myself, Ulee, and every garment is produced in my home studio in the woods in the south of France, Midi Pyrenees. Therefore every garment you will ever receive from me has only passed through my mind and hands in it's design and creation process. The way your piece of clothing has been made is fully transparent to you.


  • When ordering all the little sewing and creating supplies that I need, I always try to support other independent businesses in France and other small business owners on Etsy for example.


I’m as transparent to you as I can be. If there’s still anything that is unanswered please contact me and I will be happy to help.


I know my system is not perfect and I will improve as I progress, but I will always try as best as I can to create and produce as sustainable as I can, i.e. I try to reduce any negative impacts that might result from my clothing business to a minimum. 


I believe that its very, very difficult to find 100% sustainable and ethical items..., but what is important, is being well on the journey towards a more sustainable and ethical way of producing and consuming fashion so that it can be better in tune with the Earth and it's inhabitants. 


The fashion revolution is happening because more and more people share the same values and it's more important than ever to cause less harm.


Slow fashion is about slowing down, thinking what one really needs, caring better for the products, knowing the story behind the garment, extending it's life by repairing it, if it tears, and having a connection to the garment. In other words have fewer clothes, but know each piece intimately and relegate none, forgotten and unworn, to the back of your wardrobe.

To read more about slow-fashion please visit the F.F.F. page on this website.


When I’m not creating I enjoy being outdoors, surrounded by nature - plants and animals, the sea and the mountains. I live with my husband, our dog and our five pet sheep on a small farm, where I have an organic fruit and vegetable garden, that I enjoy looking after. 


I love to go on hiking adventures, explore and see new places. I read a lot. I love the arts, ancient to modern. I’m fascinated by astrophysics, cosmic queries and literally everything that has got to do with the universe and beyond - all the really mind boggling stuff. 


As I mentioned, all the processes at ANATJARI are performed by myself. This is important for you to know as it explains for example the production and processing times that I estimate. (Please see the F.A.Q. page on this website for more information on processing times)


There is a lot that goes into managing a one-woman designing and couture business. From ordering fabrics, then pre-washing, drying, folding and cutting the fabric as well as keeping stock of all other materials and supplies that are essential. 


Designing and drafting, making patterns and prototypes, grading the patterns for all sizes, cutting the fabric, sewing the garment and hand dyeing it. Then comes packing up your orders and taking them to the post office in the. local village plus of course having the pleasure of getting to know my Customers through our communications.

So that is a few lines about me, Ulee, where I live and with whom and what I believe in for the future of my garment brand.


I hope you enjoyed meeting the person who has made your ANATJARI garments.

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